When ordering replacement windows, there is more to consider than the type of panes or framework that will work best for your home. The screen is also an important part of the system. A quality piece blocks insects and debris from entering the home when you want to open your windows and get some fresh air. However, not all screens are created equal. Here is a closer look at what a FlexScreen has to offer.

How FlexScreens Benefit Your Replacement Windows

1. Offer Easy Installation & Removal

Unlike standard window screens, FlexScreens aren’t held within a rigid frame. Instead, their unique design allows them to spring into place to fill the opening. When they need to be removed, you can simply grab the sides of the screen and pull them together to pop them out. This allows for fast, simple installation and removal, which is great when you need to take out and replace the screens during window washing.

2. Resist Damage

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FlexScreens are designed to be far more durable than standard window screens. They use a powder-coated steel frame to maximize scratch resistance, which keeps them looking great even after extended exposure to the elements. The use of carbon-enriched spring steel provides the screens with extra give, allowing them to withstand being scratched or pushed against without experiencing dents or breakage.

3. Improve Visibility

The FlexScreen mesh is designed to have a minimalist aesthetic so you can enjoy an unobstructed view of your yard. Since metal framework isn’t needed to hold the screen in place, you will get a better perspective while still enjoying the benefits of window screens.

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