Replacing windows is a significant investment, especially in large homes with multiple fittings. Fortunately, storm windows serve as a budget-friendly alternative to a full unit upgrade. Get to know this style of building supply better and find out how it can benefit your home and pockets below.

What You Should Know About Storm Windows

What Are Storm Windows?

Storm windows are mounted on the exterior or interior of standard windows. They’re designed to create an additional barrier between your home and the elements, providing enhanced insulation and protection against winter gales and freezing temperatures. This arrangement helps eliminate drafts and combat energy transfer, reducing heating and cooling costs year-round.

What Advantages Do They Offer?

storm windowsThe primary allure of storm windows is affordability. The material and installation costs are substantially less than fully replacing your windows with energy-efficient updates, though the benefits are comparable. They also provide long-term savings thanks to a combination of their energy-efficient design, minimal maintenance requirements, and durability. On top of monetary concerns, these fixtures offer noise reduction from the outside world.

Who Should Get Storm Windows?

The advantages provided by modern storm windows makes them excellent additions to any home, but they’re especially suitable for homeowners looking to reduce home operation costs or extend the usable lives of their current units. If you reside in an older home with unglazed or single-pane windows, this enhancement is especially key.

What Factors Impact Storm Window Selection?

Shop with both function and aesthetics in mind. For everyday use, adjustable or completely removable parts allow for arrangement flexibility and ease of cleaning. Furthermore, you need a storm window in the right size and color scheme to complement your home. Choose heavy-duty aluminum for longevity and insulated air space for optimal energy savings.

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