When you’re choosing replacement windows for your rental properties, there are essentially three options: vinyl, aluminum, and wood-framed. Prices vary between the three, but so do their performance characteristics. Here is a breakdown of some factors to consider about each option.

3 Replacement Window Options

1. Vinyl

Vinyl windows are comprised of a polyvinyl plastic framework holding the glass panes. They are typically hollow frames, so they allow some heat transfer but are still fairly energy-efficient when paired with energy efficiency glass coatings. Quality vinyl windows should last up to 40 years.

An excellent benefit of vinyl windows is that they require very little maintenance. You don’t need to repaint them, and the material is invulnerable to pests like termites. Just clean the frames periodically to prevent discoloring.

2. Wood

Because wooden windows have solid frames, they are naturally more energy-efficient than other options. The durability of wood windows, however, depends on both the quality of their build and of the maintenance they receive. Exposed wood frames must be scraped and repainted periodically.

Clad windows—wooden frames typically wrapped in aluminum—do not require repainting, but the wood is still at risk of damage from moisture and termites. Wood windows should last over 30 years, though their clad counterparts typically don’t have quite as long of a life span.

3. Aluminum

replacement windowModern aluminum windows have come a long way from their 1960s predecessors, which were notorious for moisture and heat transfer issues. Higher-quality aluminum and double-pane window designs have reduced the energy loss from this type of window.

Aluminum windows tend to have a shorter life span, lasting between 15 to 20 years before needing replacement. You should still keep an eye on condensation; otherwise, the seals, bottoms of the aluminum frame, and caulking could be damaged by standing water. On the plus side, heavy-duty aluminum storm window counterparts offer your home a little more protection during inclement weather compared to standard windows.

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