During the colder months, you can’t simply shut a patio door to keep the heat inside a patio enclosure. To take advantage of this outdoor space when it’s cold outside, you must make particular preparations. Below are some practical ideas for keeping a three-season porch or patio enclosure warm.

A Guide to Keeping Patio Enclosures Warm

1. Update Windows & Doors

Single-pane storm windows and patio-doors offer nearly no insulation against the cold. To help your enclosure stay more comfortable this season, consider updating them with double- or even triple-paned glass. Multi-paned windows feature two sheets of glass separated by an air-filled space that acts as a thermal barrier. It reduces heat transfer and prevents drafts, keeping your home—or in this instance, your patio enclosure—warmer and more usable all year long.

2. Install a Space Heaterpatio doors

A space heater is an effective and cost-efficient method of warming a small space. Numerous types are available, including electric, propane, and even kerosene. Be careful with any heater that has an open flame. Keep combustible items far away from it, and be sure you have enough ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

3. Hang Insulating Curtains

If new windows are not in your budget, insulating curtains offer much of the same benefit at a lower cost. String up these heavy curtains around the perimeter of your enclosure, and they’ll act as a radiant barrier against heat transfer. They also block drafts and limit the amount of convection activity—moving air that feels like a draft but is just cold air falling and settling near the floor.


When a chill is in the air, you need to do more than just shut a patio door to stay warm inside a three-season porch. Stop by Tri-State Wholesale Building Supplies in Cincinnati, OH, for the resources you need. They’ve served customers throughout the region for more than 45 years. In addition to patio doors and replacement windows, they also specialize in decking and vinyl railings. Call them at (513) 381-1231 to ask about pricing and store hours, or visit them online to learn more about patio enclosures and breezeways.