Awnings have many potential uses in both commercial and residential settings. Two of the most popular styles are marquee and step-down, each of which has its own unique style and characteristics. If you’re exploring building supplies to add one of these features to your home or business, explore the key differences between them below.

Marquee Awnings

Marquee awnings are solid, straight fixtures that project over the entrances of stores or the patios of homes. They provide shelter and shade, protecting inhabitants and furniture from the elements. While the buildings themselves — commercial or residential — often support freestanding marquees, the awnings can also have columns. Such supports often add reinforcement when awnings extend over back porches, front porches, or decks. Since they’re like extensions of the roof, marquees frequently feature gutter systems.

Step-Down Awnings

building suppliesIf you’ve ever window-shopped along a strip of stores in a downtown location, you’ve likely come across step-down awnings. They often hang over the windows, patios, and doorways of homes and apartment buildings, as well. These iconic, sloped shades most commonly consist of corrugated aluminum, which offers a high degree of protection. Such building supplies are stronger than canvas and resist precipitation. Like marquee awnings, step-down awnings can also feature support columns, but they are usually freestanding. Both styles are available in a broad range of colors and designs to suit the unique aesthetic needs of any property.

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