Patios add beneficial outdoor space to your home, creating a defined area for dining, relaxing, and entertaining. However, your time outdoors may be interrupted by pests or weather, and you might find you’re spending more time on maintenance than actually enjoying the space. Adding a BreezeWay™ patio screen enclosure to your outdoor space can protect your decking and furniture while increasing your enjoyment of the space.

How BreezeWay Patio Screen Enclosures Work

BreezeWay patio enclosures fit over your existing patio or decking, creating a secure space that allows you to be outdoors without dealing with pests or other issues. They’re custom-built to fit your home and come in a variety of color options, including clay, white, tan and bronze.

These enclosures are factory built from heavy-duty aluminum and screens and are assembled on site. In most cases, the enclosures can be installed in a single day.

The Benefits of BreezeWay Patio Enclosures

deckingThe simplicity of a BreezeWay enclosure makes it appealing to many homeowners. The crew will take measurements using a three-point system. The enclosure is then built to specifications.

Because deck railings and spindles can be built right into the enclosures, the installation is quick and easy. There’s also no extra space required on your existing deck or patio to accommodate them. Unlike more traditional screened porches or sunrooms, these enclosures don’t require time-consuming remodeling projects.

Beyond the ease of construction, BreezeWay patio enclosures are perfect for summer for other reasons, including:

  • Pest control: The screens keep out unwanted animals and insects, including mosquitos.
  • Safety: Children and pets can safely play on the deck or patio without risk of a fall or wandering off.
  • Comfort: These patio enclosures provide shade, allowing you to spend time outdoors without overheating.
  • Less maintenance: Most decking needs resealing or painting every year or two, and continual exposure to the elements can leave the floor and furniture dirty. A screened enclosure helps protect your patio and furnishings from the elements, eliminating the need for most maintenance.

If a four-season room is more to your liking, call us to discuss how adding matching windows to the Breezeway system can extend your usage of the enclosure throughout the year.

If you’re thinking about installing a BreezeWay Patio Screen Enclosure this summer, call Tri-State Wholesale Building Supplies in Cincinnati, OH. For nearly 50 years, this building supply company has been the go-to source for quality building supplies, including new decking, siding, and storm windows. Their knowledgeable team will work with you to find the best options for your property. To learn more about their patio enclosures, call (513) 381-1231 or visit them online.