When it comes to home fixtures, patio doors offer practical and aesthetic benefits. The right selection will enhance curb appeal while also ensuring your home maintains optimum energy efficiency. As a result, your choice requires a little planning and forethought to ensure success. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing the style and material for your new door.

What to Think About When Choosing New Doors for a Patio

1. Function

Patio doors can swing inside or outside the home when being opened or closed. They can also slide from side to side to allow people to pass through. The existing space around the patio is a key factor when selecting the best style. For example, sliding doors are best when space is limited because they take up less room. If there’s more square footage outside the home, a door that swings out is another good option. This will prevent you from having to adjust indoor furniture and decor to accommodate a feature that has inward-swinging hinges.

2. Privacy

patio doors

Patio doors typically have glass panels to offer a view of the home’s exterior. While aesthetically pleasing, some homeowners have a higher demand for privacy than others, especially when their patio is in view of neighboring properties. In this case, consider decorative glass or blinds between the glass that can be shut to obscure the view into your house when the door is not in use.

3. Maintenance Requirements

Some door materials require less maintenance than others. For instance, vinyl is designed to hold up against moisture, heat, sun exposure, and freezing temperatures with little need for maintenance. A product like wood requires occasional painting and staining to keep the feature in good shape. Steel is another great option in terms of durability, but keep in mind that it must be properly sealed to protect against corrosion.

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