When purchasing new or replacement windows, the right screens are essential for protection and ventilation. The FlexScreen—as seen on the popular television show Shark Tank—is the world’s first flexible window screen. If you’re unfamiliar with this model, the following guide outlines how it works and the benefits it provides.

How Does FlexScreen Work?

Screens play a crucial role in the performance of your new or replacement windows. They let in air and light while protecting the window from the elements and adding another layer of security to your home. However, traditional screens and their delicate frames can become stretched, torn, or distorted with temperature and weather changes, as well as from the passage of time. As a result, they are less dependable, have shorter life spans, and are more susceptible to damage.

FlexScreens don’t experience these issues because they are designed differently than traditional options. The frames are made of phosphate-enhanced spring steel that has been coated with high-performance polyvinyl chloride (PVC), allowing for a tight, secure fit and superior scratch and weather resistance.

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The mesh in a FlexScreen comes in five different varieties. The standard material allows for maximum ventilation and bug protection; the FlexView has improved visibility, and the FlexView Clean is covered in a hydrophobic coating that repels dirt and grime. FlexView Tuff versions offer enhanced strength and durability, and the FlexView Solar model blocks 60% of ultraviolet heat transfer to maintain cooler interior temperatures without sacrificing airflow.

What Are the Benefits of FlexScreen?

FlexScreen, which creator Joe Altieri successfully brought before the Shark Tank investors in 2020, offers a number of advantages that you won’t get with traditional screens. Due to their increased flexibility, they can be installed easily on any window, without any hardware or special tools. These custom products are designed to meet the specifications of your new or replacement windows, ensuring the highest quality and most dependable fit. Since you can choose from several mesh options, you are certain to find a product that perfectly meets the needs of your home.

These screens provide a sturdy barrier against the elements, which safeguards and extends the life of your windows. They can also help make interior temperatures more comfortable, reducing your HVAC usage and resulting in lower heating and cooling bills. Ultimately, FlexScreen is an investment that will pay for itself.

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