If it’s time to purchase replacement windows due to problems like deteriorating wooden frames and closing difficulties, consider black laminate vinyl for your home’s exterior. This hot trend piggybacks on luxury vinyl windows that have been popular for years, but it also offers numerous advantages. Learn more about this attractive and practical option in the following guide.

What Are Black Exterior Laminate Vinyl Windows?

Black vinyl windows undergo lamination rather than getting coated with paint. After an adhesive product is applied, the vinyl frames receive three laminate layers using blade and roller tools. The first layer is white and reflects infrared heat, while the second features infrared transparent properties to increase the frames’ heat-blocking abilities. The durable top coating completes the lamination process, providing the eye-catching black hue.

What Benefits Do They Offer?

Enhance Exterior Appearance

replacement windows

Choosing black exterior laminate vinyl for your replacement windows improves your home’s curb appeal. The frames create a sleek look that complements any house color scheme. They are generally considered high-end compared to other materials, providing a luxurious-looking and unique finishing touch to the outside of your house.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Despite its dark color, black laminate vinyl is energy-efficient. The multiple layers reflect infrared heat to help lower monthly utility costs. You’ll enjoy a cooler home in the summer without having to crank the air conditioner—a perk that also reduces your carbon footprint. Since vinyl functions as a natural insulator, your house will stay comfortable and energy-efficient in the winter, as well.

Resist Damage & Boost Resale Value

These long-lasting window frames are impervious to rot, warping, fading, cracking, or peeling, making them low-maintenance, cost-efficient solutions. The excellent return on investment new windows provide means you can sell your home for a higher price, as buyers typically pay more for houses with quality, recently installed features.

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