Since becoming part of the American landscape in the late 1950s, vinyl siding has evolved to provide even more homeowner benefits. If your current siding is affecting your curb appeal and causing home efficiency issues among other problems, it’s time to review your options. Here, learn why vinyl siding could be the perfect solution for your home’s exterior.

5 Benefits Vinyl Siding Provides

1. Wide Range Of Colors & Textures

Enjoy selecting from a fantastic range of vinyl siding colors and textures. Find what suits your home’s architectural style, such as siding that looks like wood or stone. The Vinyl Siding Institute has certified over 350 colors at this time to provide homeowners with more options than ever before.vinyl siding

2. Low Maintenance

Take back your weekends instead of working to maintain your siding. Vinyl selections require little maintenance, as the material does not flake, peel, chip, or need periodic staining, painting, or sealing. Simply wash the siding with your hose once a year and use a brush on any serious deposits or stains. You can also power wash the siding to save extra time.

3. Affordability

Increase your home’s curb appeal without the high price. Vinyl is easy to install to keep labor costs down. The material itself is also more affordable than stone, brick, and wood so you can spend some of your exterior remodeling budget on other projects.

4. Increased Efficiency

Save money not only because vinyl siding is so affordable, but because of the increased energy efficiency. Insulated vinyl creates a “thermal bridge” between your exterior walls and wall studs to prevent heat loss. This extra layer of protection also keeps your home cooler in the summer to reduce your monthly energy bills as well as your carbon footprint.

5. Durability

Invest in this material knowing you’ll have a low-maintenance, attractive option that lasts 50 or more years. Vinyl is impervious to rot unlike wood, nor will it corrode thanks to excellent moisture resistance. It also withstands high winds, hail, and temperature changes, and does not attract insects.


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