Exterior shutters were originally designed to protect window glass from storms and allow homeowners to adjust the amount of light that entered a room. However, in modern home construction, these additions are mostly decorative. They let you highlight your window installations and provide a splash of color to your paint scheme. The following guide outlines some key signs that it’s time to replace your current shutters.

How to Know If You Need New Shutters

1. You’ve Recently Remodeled or Installed Replacement Windows

Perhaps you’ve recently repainted the house, installed new windows, or completed a remodel. If so, the shutters may need to be updated to match the new color or style of the property. You don’t want to accent shiny, new glass and vibrant siding with old, dull shutters, as it can make any renovations feel half-finished. A home improvement project is an ideal time to make a change and opt for a new shutter color, shape, and style.

2. Existing Shutters Are In Bad Shape


Exterior shutters must withstand all types of harsh weather, from high winds, sleet, and snow in winter to brutal sun in summer. This can result in damaged or missing louvers, peeling paint, fading colors, and chips and dings to the framework. If the existing shutters are visibly damaged or in disrepair, consider updating them to boost your home’s curb appeal.

3. Current Shutters Are Out of Style

Shutters can last for several decades, depending on the make, manufacturer, and style, as well as the amount of maintenance you put into them. Even if yours are still in decent condition, they may look outdated and old-fashioned. For instance, the rustic look that was popular 20 years ago may seem out of place in your neighborhood now. New shutters can help you achieve a more modern look.

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