Don’t underestimate the impact of an attractive front door. While these home features are largely thought of as functional, they also go a long way towards boosting curb appeal when you make the right updates. The following guide outlines a few of this year’s trends that you can keep in mind when you go shopping for building supplies to upgrade your front door.

A Guide to the Year’s Popular Front Door Trends

1. Dutch Doors

While Dutch doors have been around for many years, they’re making a resurgence among homeowners. These features have separate top and bottom panels, which can be opened independently of one another. They’re great for increasing airflow into your home, similar to opening a window. They’re also perfect for homes with kids and pets, as you can rest assured little ones will remain inside even when the top portion of the door is open. Dutch models add a ton of character, especially when incorporated into rustic- or country-style designs.

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2. Off-Beat Colors & Materials

If you want to make a bold statement, bright red, yellow, and orange doors have been making a splash lately. There are also more subdued hues, such as gray and green, which work well with neutral-colored homes and understated designs. Wood can be stained to bring out its inherent natural beauty, while a steel door pairs nicely with a contemporary house.

3. Glass Elements

If you prefer a more modern look, including glass elements in your door is a great choice. They bring lots of natural light into your living space and also allow you to verify the identity of delivery people and service workers before opening the door. If you prefer more privacy, create an obstructed view with frosted glass. Decorative door features, such as stained-glass, provide a unique look to your home.

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