Adding a patio or decking enclosure to your house is a fantastic way to maximize your usable space. This feature not only provides your family with more year-round outdoor enjoyment but can also increase the value of your home. Below are some of the most important advantages of enclosing your patio.

Why Should You Add a Decking Enclosure to Your Home?

1. Boosts Usable Space

An enclosed deck or patio provides the feel of an entirely new room without the price tag of adding on to your home. This feature provides a space where you can appreciate the outdoors, no matter the weather. You can relax and read a book in the warmth of springtime or cozy up with a blanket to listen to a rain shower. Some enclosures even come with storm windows to protect against inclement weather. If you add a space heater, you can enjoy the enclosure in the winter, as well.

This screened-in area is an ideal place to have dinner, drink your morning coffee, or entertain guests. It not only lets you enjoy fresh air, but it also gives kids an additional place to play, even when it’s raining outside.

2. Curbs Insects

decking enclosure

A patio enclosure makes evenings outdoors much more enjoyable by keeping insects away. There have likely been instances where you had to flee indoors to avoid the bites of mosquitoes, stings of bees, and swarms of gnats. This makes spending time outside less than ideal. However, a patio enclosure keeps these pests at bay so you can enjoy yourself.

3. Reduces Deck Maintenance

A porch or deck often requires a lot of sweeping and cleaning to remove leaves, flower buds, tree branches, and pollen from the surface. By enclosing the space, the debris stays outside where it belongs.

This gives you more time for relaxing and entertaining instead of focusing on maintenance. It also protects your patio furniture from fading due to sunlight exposure and wear and tear from harsh weather. This keeps the items in better condition so that you don’t have to clean, repaint, maintain, or replace the items as frequently.

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