Siding is like a suit of armor for your home. The material covers the building’s facade to protect interiors from the elements that can cause water damage and other issues. There are many factors you should think about when picking out a material, from its insulating capabilities to its aesthetic appeal. Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision.

How to Pick Out Siding for Your Home

1. Think About Thermal Performance

If you notice that your heating and cooling bills are gradually increasing, new siding will help seal the building and save money. Proper siding keeps your HVAC equipment from working overtime to compensate for lost air, which will keep energy expenses low.

Insulated siding is given an R-value that indicates how well the product resists heat and promotes thermal efficiency. The higher the number is, the more effective the product is. For example, insulated vinyl siding typically ranges from 2.0 to 3.5. However, the number you need will also depend on the climate of your region. For example, if you live in Florida, you won’t need siding with an extremely high R-value because the weather is warm year-round.

2. Consider How Your Home Will Look From the Street


The siding you choose will impact the overall appearance of the property. If you want to make the building look farther away from the street, a darker shade will help it recede into the background. A lighter color will make your home appear closer to the curb. Ivory, pale gray, sage green, and other brighter tones also reflect sunshine to make a small building appear larger.

3. Keep Maintenance Requirements in Mind

The maintenance requirements for different siding materials vary, so consider how much money and energy you want to put into upkeep. Fiber cement siding should be deep-cleaned once a year to prevent layers of grime from developing, which can become increasingly harder to remove over time. Wash engineered wood siding with a soft sponge, mild detergent, and water, as abrasives could damage the material.

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